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Our mission is simple: destroy men. With theatre. Except you! You're cool! Amanda likes to say that Amanda's unique brand of feminism is misogyny. That's how it has to be if someday we're going to be as big as and successful as Harvey Weinstein. Unrelated: if you're a young and attractive male actor we'd like to have you intern with us. Please email a full body photo.
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The Amandas

Amanda Jayne


Amanda Jayne is no stranger to the stage, but no friend to it either. She works behind the scenes as a stage manager/ tech nerd, and she is also a Stony Brook graduate. She received a "you up?" text once, but she was already in her jammies.

Amanda Murphy


Murphy is a playwright, actor, director and producer who has done an inexplicable amount of standup comedy since graduating from Stony Brook University's semi-defunct theatre program. If she took her glasses off and let her hair down more she'd be at least a seven.


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Opening Night Success!!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Hot for Teacher brought the house down!! Three nights to go!!

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